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Rewriting Your Tooth Story

Rewriting Your Tooth Story
Town Center Dental of LaGrange
Town Center Dental of LaGrange
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If you were to rewrite your tooth story, what would it say? The most famous tooth story has the Tooth Fairy as the main character. The Tooth Fairy is a fictional character that comes and replaces lost teeth (placed under a pillow) with money. The stories surrounding her presence are positive and filled with wonder and excitement.

Your tooth story is not fictional, is it? It is most likely filled with both positive and negative experiences. Do you recall how your parents helped get your loose tooth out of your mouth? Did they employ the use of string and the slamming of a door? Or, were pliers the choice tooth-removal tool? Ouch! Perhaps an unsuspecting apple pulled your tooth as you bit into its juicy flesh.

How about your dental office story? Do you have all positive dental experiences in each chapter of your life? Or perhaps, your dental experiences have had some difficult times written into them. At times, past negative dental experiences can make you want to avoid getting the dental care that you want or need. This is called dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is a common problem with patients. There are many reasons you or a loved one could be experiencing this.

Dr. Paes would like to help you rewrite your dental story and make it a positive one. He offers sedation dentistry methods to help you combat and conquer your dental fears and anxiety. If you’re avoiding the dental care you need or want due to dental anxiety, book your appointment today at Town Center Dental. We want to give you a positive dental story to write!

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